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"Six weeks of taking products made me feel healthier than I had in 5 years" - Tracy Donovan
"Thanks to NeoLife whole food supplements I corrected my cholesterol and did not need statins." - Herman JvRensburg
"Neolife products epitomise quality and outclass any comparable products anywhere in the world. I say this not because the company says so, nor because I have read it somewhere; but because all users, including myself, experience their unrivalled quality and effectiveness every time." - Elijah Tiimob, pharmacist
"Best Products in the world!" - Samina Khalid, aromatherapist
"What can I say except the products are great"
"I have experienced total victory over hayfever"
"To cut a long story short, Suphia has not been sick or in hospital for over 17 years now."



Christopher Cowley practiced as an architect in South Africa for 20 years and his wife Barbara is a high school Mathematics teacher originally from the Eastern Cape. They have lived in London since 2002. Let them tell you their story...

"Our interest in Health and Proper Nutrition started way back in 1986 with the birth of our eldest daughter Suphia who had her first sinus operation at the age of 18 months. It was quite frightening when we were told that she would be sickly for the rest of her life. Your heart breaks when you have to hand over your tiny baby to surgeons for an operation and you do not know if she is going to come back alive after anesthetic and surgery. Three years later she had her 4th operation and we decided that this could not be the natural course for her life. Drugs, antibiotics, nasal sprays and antihistamines were her major forms of nutrition. Basically she took more drugs than whole foods. Every month we spent more on drugs for her, than the mortgage payment for our 3 bedroom house in Port Elizabeth. As a last resort we even considered keeping goats in our yard to get milk cheaper because of the serious reactions she had to food and ordinary cow's milk.

We went on an international search to learn as much as we could about the human body, the things that make us sick and what keeps us healthy, what does the body need in order to repair and renew itself? This led us to source various natural whole food supplements and good food from the USA, Sweden, Australia, France and South Africa. We even had several meetings in Germany and California with a very interesting person, Dr Arthur Furst, who was a member of the original team that developed Chemotherapy treatment for Cancer. We took a journey to the factories in California to investigate for ourselves. It became a serious challenge to get the very best for our children.

To cut a long story short, Suphia has not been sick or in hospital for over 17 years now. As people heard about this, they also wanted to get hold of such products for themselves, their families and their friends. Similarly, our youngest daughter Jo-Ann suffers from skin irritations to her sensitive skin. She reacts adversely to commercially available detergents and cleaners. The range of natural household cleaners and skincare products made of fruit and vegetables has worked wonders for her. Others saw the personal results and subsequently the money we were making from the resale to family, friends and acquaintances and this interested them. In this way we started importing more and more. Eventually, it led to a real serious business that today operates in 28 countries around the world. Our search became a passion to help others get through their personal challenges and the money has been a wonderful added benefit.

At present we are expanding Internationally and are thus looking for more people or companies who would like to do business with us. It is such a simple, yet effective business model. It is used by McDonalds, KFC, Coke Cola, Sony, WalMart, Texaco, BP, ASDA, Total, Shell and lots of other major corporations. A simple and effective business model available to us all. The development usually happens as follows:

We identify a new person or groups of people who are interested in getting involved in Alternative Health or those who want to start a new career or business by making their income from the Wellness Industry. There is unprecedented growth because of the increase in diseases like Diabetes (up 600% in the last generation alone) and Obesity (expected to affect up to 60% of the world's population within the next 15 years). Studies have shown that the average family will spend up to 35% of their monthly household income on these two diseases alone by 2025. Sad, but we can make a difference and give people an alternative option.

We then get them registered in our training programs. This is done either by getting them to the closest Training Centre or if distance is a challenge, we use the Internet, DVDs and CDs plus printed materials. We teach You about Health, the Products for each ailment or disease and how to run a Profitable Business using our products and business infrastructure in 60 countries around the world. Today people are very fortunate because the facilities already exist all over Africa, Europe, The Pacific Rim, Canada and the USA.

Once You are trained we support you with events in your area and eventually our goal is to establish a training centre and warehouse in the closest major city for each specific new country. This is based upon the actual turnover generated.

Check out these websites and learn more about the products that we market: • www.gnld.com • www.gnldu.com • experienceneolife.com • www.improvelife.co.za

We want to encourage you to get into contact with us if you want more information about how you can also get involved. God bless, and here is to Your Good Health.

Regards and have a great year. It is great to see that you are interested in our industry and I want to assure you of our commitment to assist you."

Chris and Barbara Cowley
Tel: +44 798 634 0719
Email: c.cowley@tiscali.co.uk

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Barbara and Chris Cowley

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